Hydrogen Hands-On Seminar

October 8th saw our Hands-On Hydrogen Workshop

System integrators, installers, EPCs and system planners joined us to learn how to offer your customers fossil fuel-free energy solutions in mini-grid or storage systems.
We built a fossil-fuel microgrid in under two hours, as Enapter hydrogen generators are modular and easy to integrate.
At the workshop, we laid out each microgrid component on the floor. This provided a blueprint of what is required to build a hydrogen microgrid. We organized stations to describe each step and shared the takeaways too. The Energy Management System (EMS) connected live all the components together and enables us to manage them remotely.
All the documentation shared during the workshop is below; as well as the before and after picture of the assembled energy system.
If you are curious to learn more about the EMS or the system setup, get in touch.

Microgrid Before & After



Hydrogen Hands-On Day